Guest Suite

Majestic Pines Guest Room

Guest Suite Visiting friends and family are able to rent our guest suite on a nightly basis. Overnight rental includes breakfast. You can inquire at the front reception desk for availability.

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Bistro & Restaurant-Style Dining

Majestic Pines Bestro

Bistro and Restaurant-Style Dining Whether you want to grab a cup of coffee or sit for a nice dinner, Majestic Pines offers a full kitchen and complete menu of nutritious options. The Bistro and Restaurant are open to the public.

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Majestic pines Chapel

Chapel We believe in holistically caring for people. That includes caring for them spiritually as well as physically and emotionally. Our Chaplain is available to provide spiritual care to all faiths. Our goal is to provide support through difficult transitions in life while being an advocate for you and your family.

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Majestic Pines Game Room with two residents

Library A quiet, peaceful area where you can enjoy a book or bring your laptop down so you can email your family.

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Therapy Center and Warm Water Pool

Warm WAter therapy at Majestic Pines in the pool

Therapy Center and Warm Water Pool The warm water pool is designed for multi-use including one on one therapy for injury, pain or strengthening as well as group classes. This type of pool design allows the very sedentary to high level athlete ways to progress their personal health and wellness. Our staff of professional therapists…

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Fitness Center

Majestic Pines Physical Therapy

Fitness Center Our fitness center offers state of the art Nautilus strength training equipment with Flex Tech technology designed specifically for seniors. This Flex Tech technology has the ability to track your progress, demonstrate proper technique, and record your weights and reps for every workout. This information will allow you to compare your data session…

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