COVID Updates

Majestic Pines Senior Living has the best interest of our residents’ health and well-being at the forefront to keep them safe in their community. We follow the guidelines and restrictions of the Minnesota Department of Health and Center for Disease Prevention. We continue to monitor and change guidance as it is updated so this information may be subject to change based on infection control protocol.
COVID-19 can be dangerous for our residents and our goal is to keep them as safe as possible. There have been many mutations of the virus causing different variants to arise. It is important the we maintain infection prevention and control protocols in place to protect our residents and ask for your participation as well.

Visitation is open and there are no restrictions on visiting in our communities. However, to help us keep our communities safe along with your loved ones, please consider the following:

• Be alert to your own health. If you are feeling sick, please avoid entering our building as we want to avoid all illnesses.
• Wash your hands often and frequently while visiting. Handwashing is the number one prevention against illnesses spreading.
• Please visit in your loved one’s room or apartment versus community areas.
• Physically distance yourself from others while visiting.
• Do not visit with large groups of people.
• Follow the Source Control posted at the entrance.

We hope that you enjoy your visits with your loved one. Please reach out for any further clarification or questions.